Winter Walks? The 3 Things you Need to Know.

Winter Walks? The 3 Things you Need to Know.

It's that time of the year! Snow is falling (depending on where you live), everyone is rugging up, and scenery is just right for a winter walk with bub!

But hold up! Babies can get sick from the cold easily!

So here are the 3 things you Need to Know before going on Winter strolls with bub!

1. Keep their head & feet covered.

A babies head is larger in proportion to the rest of their body compared to adults. This means that more heat can escape! So it's important to keep it covered with a warm hat or beanie.

Also make sure their feet are always covered. Socks, shoes, or booties; anything that will keep those little feet warm!

2. Layers, Layers, Layers!

Every Mom knows their baby needs to be dressed in warm clothing for Winter. But what's the best way to do this?

Start with a soft and breathable base layer. This could be a onesie.

Next a fleece or knit sweater, and finally a jacket, and mittens. 

And of course don't forget their head and feet!

3. Keep them warm in the stroller.

Even though your baby will be dressed in warm layers, sitting in a stroller for a long time could cause them to get cold.

Especially on a windy day!

Blankets are a good choice and offer solid protection from the cold for little one. However they might fall off, and aren't ideal for protecting bub from the wind.

If you have the money invest into a Footmuff specifically designed to handle the harshness of Winter. This will offer protection from the wind and cold, and it won't fall off.

Happy Walking!

Hopefully you're now prepared for Winter Walks with bub! Winter is a beautiful time of the year, and a Winter Walk is a great experience for you and your baby.

Just make sure to do it safely. ❤️

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