Do This to Avoid a Hospital Scare...

Do This to Avoid a Hospital Scare...

There's one trip that every Mom wants to avoid on their outings: an emergency trip to the hospital for their baby.

This is a scary situation for you and your little bundle of joy, and prevents a very real threat to your baby's health.

It's only fair for a Mom to worry about these things!

Babies are very fragile and susceptible to sickness due to their underdeveloped bodies.

One of the most common causes or sickness in babies?

The Cold!

It's certainly no secret that a baby can get sick if they are out in the cold for too long.

And too long can be as little as 15 minutes!

This could lead to a cold or more seriously; hypothermia.

In order to prevent this Moms need to keep their little one warm! Especially during Winter outings.

I've tried blankets but they always fell off the stroller, and I was always worried that they would fall off and I wouldn't notice; and bub would be exposed to the cold.

A specialised Winter Footmuff will do the trick! And yes I do sell them (so maybe I'm a little biased here) but there's reason I decided to!

It instantly became my favourite baby product the moment I discovered it!


It stays secure in your pram/stroller and you'll never be worrying about bub getting cold!

That's why I think this is an absolute hole-in-one baby product that every Mom should have for Winter!

Plus it'll save you from those hospital scares! 🤍

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